Our Philosophy /

Working Hard for Your Success

CZECH Artists Management International Ltd. (CzAMI) was founded in 1995 by Mr. Zdeněk Prouza. The agency is a culmination of a lifetime of performance, teaching, and management experience by the founder. Originally an active cellist, soloist, principal cellist with a number of symphony and chamber orchestras, and chamber musician, Mr. Prouza brings a wealth of experience to the world of "agentdom".

The philosophy of CzAMI is to provide artists with access to someone who has had experience in the field from the perspective of the artist. Another aspect of management's services is to provide someone who understands what the trials and tribulations of being an artist is all about and can offer counsel and advice on how to advance a career. CzAMI assists artists in the development and creation of image via good press materials and flyers, advice on photos and recordings, etc.

An agent is someone who acts on behalf of another person. In the entertainment field that includes someone who negotiates and signs contracts on behalf of the artists he represents. Certainly that is an integral part of what we do for all of our artists. However, we pride ourselves on being involved with the total artist from all aspects of that person's professional life. That means more than just signing contracts.

For the artist who is new to working with an agent, we attempt to make the process as "artist-friendly" as possible. For the more seasoned performer, we try to work together towards making that artist more visible to the "buyers", i.e. the symphony orchestras and presenters whose responsibility is to organize performances and seasons.

Communication is an important part of our philosophy. It is essential to communicate with the agent and with the artist. Together, we are able to make the professional relationship successful if the door to communication is always open.